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The thought of my lips touching your skin for the first time brings me to my knees. I never understood how the thought of being with someone could be so compelling, until I imagined how blissful it would be to have you in my arms right this second.
You amaze me in ways that I am still trying to comprehend. I constantly find myself reciting what I’m going to say the next time I see you, despite the fact that my words will fall to a complete mess the moment you walk in.
I want you to know how much sleep I lose over you – and just keep in mind that I hardly count dreaming as slumber. And I never understood Plato’s belief of one searching for their other half, until I realized I’d been subconsciously looking for you my entire life.
Before I met you, my life was like an unmatched jigsaw puzzle. But you somehow managed to make the pieces fit.
With you, hours become minutes, and I’ve gradually developed a loathing towards the concept of time.
There just never seems to be enough of it with you.

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This is so perfect I don’t even have words. I love you babe.

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why is it always the woman who has to see past the beast in the man? why does she always have to clean his wounds, even after he has damaged her beyond repair? why is it always the man who is worthy of forgiveness for being a monster?
I want to see the beast in the beauty.
the half smile, half snarl. the unapologetic anger. I would like to see the man forgive the monster. to see her, blood and all, and love her anyway.

—beauty and the beast | Caitlyn S. (via alonesomes)

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one of those nights.

so clean sheets, popsicle, my new candle, music and maybe a movie it is.

I’ll study my EKG waves flashcards in the morning at work.